Sunday, March 20, 2011


My latest logo is finished!

A good friend of mine in Ontario, Canada asked me to design a logo for a new project called Water Cycle that he and a few friends created. From the get-go, they didn't give me much direction, and were simply interested in what I could come up with creatively. Their only requirements were that I include water, cycling, and Africa in the design (which was harder than it seems). The final design was chosen 100% by them. I gave them about a dozen initial comps to choose from, and this was one of their favorites from the beginning. After making a few tweaks to the colors, font, and composition, we arrived at the design you see below.

To give you more context for the project, here's their mission statement:
To raise awareness about water issues and promote sustainable water management practices via a multimedia campaign, which will include a video journal, website and a documentary. The documentary will follow the group as they cycle from Cairo to Cape Town without the use of bottled water.

The guys of Water Cycle were so easy to work with, very enthusiastic, and knew exactly what they wanted- which made my job infinitely more fun. It was an absolute pleasure working on this design with them, and it's been a privilege for me to be a part of this great cause.